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Every lipstick case has a story to tell. Just imagine: Precise injections, 10 quality control checks and detailed inspection along the way! That’s what each lipstick case goes through. Following, we present the superior quality cosmetic container.

KING SAN-YOU was established in 1986 and is a leading cosmetic container manufacturer in Taiwan. We are a specialized supplier of lipstick containers, lip gloss containers, lip balm containers and roll-on bottles. KSY is ISO 9001:2015 qualities certified and passes social compliance and sustainability audit. The AUTO assembling and SEMI-AUTO machines are conducted in the production process during past decade. AUTO machines and robot arms can provide the standard and stable products. We can provide a wide range of designs, specifications and surface decorations based on your requirements. Furthermore, we personalize to develop private injection or filling molds designs with clients.

With high quality products, timely delivery, excellent service, and competitive prices, we have established favorable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide. Our products are exported to clients in USA, UK, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc. We sincerely welcome you to be our business partner.