10 Best Makeup Trends of 2024, Including Espresso Makeup and Matte Skin

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10 Best Makeup Trends of 2024, Including Espresso Makeup and Matte Skin

Black lipstick for spring? Actually groundbreaking!


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Contrary to most, I'm a huge fan of the micro-beauty trend movement. We saw the rise of so many new makeup trends in 2023 (looking at you, strawberry girl makeup and tomato girl aesthetic) and the good news is that there are going to be even more makeup trends to experiment with in 2024. And after searching endlessly on Instagram and TikTok, I can confirm that 2024's biggest makeup trends are something to genuinely get excited about. From ombré red lipstick looks to grungy black eyeliner and ultra-smooth matte foundation (yup!), makeup is shaping up to be bold, fun, and v different this year. Keep scrolling for the biggest makeup trends you'll see on your feeds in 2024, plus tips and products to recreate them for yourself.

1. Cherry-Cola Lips for 2024

Food makeup trends dominated 2023, and they've still got a massive hold on 2024, especially when it comes cherry-cola lips. And it makes sense: Red was the "it" color for fall/winter 2024 (from Jacquemus bags to Dua Lipa's red hair to Saint Laurent's bright-red runway lips). Expect it to continue into 2024 in this juicy, muted way for an "everyday" option, or as full-opacity matte ombré lip art for a more dramatic vibe.

Essentially, it's just an ombré lip liner look that pairs brown and red lip colors together to create a gradient, burnished red shade, like Hailey Bieber's lips above. Make sure you're opting for a long-wear brown lip liner that won't smear and smudge when you layer your sheer-red gloss on top.
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2. 2024 Makeup Trend: Espresso Makeup

Latte makeup had 2023 in a chokehold, so it's only natural that as we enter a new year, we turn another beverage into a makeup look. Enter espresso makeup, which utilizes deep-brown tones on your eyes with brown lipstick for a monochromatic look à la Poorna Jagannathan's look above. It has a bit of a grunge vibe, often paired with smudged black eyeliner and loads of black mascara. But it can also be taken to a more muted place, pairing it with brown mascara and a dark-brown flick at the outer corner.
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3. "Office Siren" Makeup Trend

The newest aesthetic taking over TikTok? The "office siren," which TikTokers are dubbing Gisele Bündchen's energy in The Devil Wear's Prada. It's a revival of "geek chic" from the late '90s/early 2000s that is fully rooted in being the best-dressed employee at the office, featuring pencil skirts, Bayonetta glasses, and neck ties. But (!) the makeup is the best part of this aesthetic, IMO, as it's easy AF yet cool as hell.

Typically, it's a combo of a thin winged liner that starts at the inner corner to elongate your eyes, plus thin brows and neutral or red lips. Think of it like Y2K-meets-dark-academia (or like a yass-ified corpcore, if you will). Although it's not a new technique or specific makeup style, it's an overall look that'll be extremely easy to recreate and play around with using makeup you prob already own (but if not, see below, ofc).
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4. Black Lips Makeup Trend

Practically the antithesis of florals for spring, black lips were spotted on quite a few spring/summer 2024 runways (see: Comme des Garçons, Marni, and Junya Watanabe). Black lips add depth to your makeup look, especially if you style them with otherwise minimal eyes and cheeks like Adut Akech-Bior above. But it also feels subversive, like a nod to gothcore without going full grunge.

IMO, the best option for DIYing this look is a matte liquid lipstick, which won't smear or smudge throughout the day. To help with longevity and opacity, don't forget to line your lips with a black eyeliner pencil first (it's safe, FYI!).
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5. 2024 Makeup Trend: Blue Eyeshadow

According to Pinterest's 2024 trend forecast, blue eye makeup is already up on the uptick and will continue to be massively searched well into 2024. People will be taking their blue inspo from all different decades, like this pastel-blue look (similar to Havana Rose Liu's above) for a '60s or '70s reference, or a shimmery aqua that evokes an '80s prom, or a frosted light-blue that matches your silver Y2K jewelry.
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6. Minimal Blush Looks for 2024

We're coming off a few very blush-y years. And while we'll definitely still see blush draping looks and bright shades, runways and celebs are going in a more muted, soft direction for 2024. TBH, at Jill Sander and Givenchy, you couldn't even tell if the models were wearing any blush on their faces, bringing all of the attention to the eyeshadow or lip color they were wearing.

Don't worry, though—you don't have to bench the entirety of your Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush stock just yet. Instead try choosing very neutral shades that only give off a whisper of color on your skin. Then, once you've patted it on, take a dense brush and buff out any harsh lines to make the flush look like it's naturally beaming from your skin.
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7. Soft-Matte Skin Trend

Miu Miu, Zimmerman, and Coperni all showcased this trend on their models for spring/summer 2024, focusing on lightweight coverage combined with minimal eyes, lips, and cheeks. TBH, though, the queen of this look lately is Kendall Jenner, who pretty much has forgone the glazed-donut skin of her bestie HBB in favor of a satin, velvet-like finish.

It def gives any look a more '90s-esque feel, especially if you pair it with a neutral matte lipstick and eyeshadow. Try following this TikTok tutorial from creator DaceyCash who uses a satin-finish foundation, then lightly powders her entire face with a fluffy brush for a diffused look that doesn't feel too cakey.
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8. Frosted Eyes for 2024

The go-to look this season is a shimmery white shadow swiped across your lid (see above) or patted in your inner corner (ahem, Sabrina Carpenter on New Year's). The stark-white brings so much light to your face, while the lil shimmers just glow, especially under lights. Before heading to the bar in 2024, put down the warm eyeshadow palette and grab a bright white instead. If you have deep skin, definitely lay down an opaque-white base before adding a shimmery topper to get the color to show up. Or if you want a more ethereal vibe, just swipe a sheer, frosty shade across your lid with your fingers, smudging out the edges.

9. "Indie Sleaze" Makeup Trend

Sometimes called "party girl aesthetic" by Gen-Zers, indie sleaze is basically a mash-up of the '90s grunge and early aughts indie aesthetic. Just picture a Tumblr feed filled with Sky Ferreira and Alexa Chung as Arctic Monkeys plays in the background. It's messy eyeliner that looks like it was worn out the night before; matte lipstick that looks blurred at the edges; sweaty skin with light-coverage foundation; sticky, wet-looking lip gloss; chunky mascara—essentially, makeup that looks like it's already been lived in.
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10. Highlighted Skin Trend

In 2024, the spotlight is the center of your face. Literally. Thanks to a the return of flash photos and digital cameras, the '90s/early-to-mid 2000s look of an ultra-highlighted, bright T-zone is back. But don't worry, 2024's setting powders won't make you look cakey or settle into your fine lines. Instead, opt for a finely milled powder two to three shades lighter than your skin. And to get the brightness without the heaviness, tap it on with a small under-eye brush to pinpoint the highlight exactly where you want it.
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