7 Makeup Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

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7 Makeup Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

Highlighter is making a huge comeback.

December 22, 2023

If the past 12 months are any indication, 2024 makeup trends are going to be bigger than ever. From food-inspired beauty like latte makeup and strawberry girl makeup to aesthetics-driven looks like Barbie-core and quiet luxury, this year brought plenty of inspiration to play with.

As for what's in store for 2024 Experts are predicting a big comeback for 2010's favorite beauty product: highlighter. Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, who works with Lupita Nyong'o and Lily Gladstone, says to stock up on shimmery, powdery textures instead of creams and liquids. “We are seeing more polished skin,” he says. “It’s more coverage and matte but velvety, as opposed to bare, dewy faces. Skin is slightly sculpted with gentle glow, but dry shine to highlight the cheeks.”

Makeup artist Michael Anthony, whose clients include Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, agrees, adding that well placed highlighter can also help define features. “Shaping the face with thoughtful highlights instead of intense shading will be very popular in 2024,” he says. “Taking care of your skin and showing off the texture with luminous, skin-friendly products—even deeper shades that are typically matte can have a sparkle.”

Glowing skin will create the perfect base for any look you choose to create. “There’s an effortless elegance to minimalist glowing skin—it’s fresh and timeless,” says makeup artist J Guerra. “It provides a perfect canvas for any choice of makeup, whether it’s a bold lip or a subtle eye look. It complements every occasion and transcends trends.”

Ahead, seven 2024 makeup trends to try in the new year.

Translucent Architecture

Anthony, Barose, and Guerra all agree that highlighter is back for 2024. “Having a bit of glow on the skin acts as a subtle statement of care, confidence, and elegance,” says Guerra. “It’s a nod to the natural, effortless, and undeniable beauty of simplicity.”

To get the look, start with clean and moisturized skin and use a hydrating primer to enhance glow. Then apply a lightweight, dewy-finish foundation or tinted moisturizer, blending the product well into the skin for a seamless finish. “Use a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles but keep it minimal, focus on the inner corner for coverage and outer corner for lift,” says Guerra. “Add a liquid or cream highlighter on the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones onto the forehead, and down the nose. Set areas that aren’t illuminated with a translucent powder, focusing on areas that tend to get oily. Finish with a light touch of blush for a healthy flush of color.”

Holographic Glaze

“I love the color-shifting eye shadows and highlighters and these cyber wet looks will be very on trend,” Anthony says. “Even in subtle ways that celebrate individuality by taking the focus off of ‘tips and tricks’ and more on placement.” Pick up an eye shadow palette with chrome shades like Pat McGrath Mothership IX: Huetopian Dream or Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakes for the ultimate holographic effect.

Retro Red Lips

Nineties nude lipstick may have reigned supreme the past couple of years, but Anthony predicts that classic red lips will have a major resurgence in 2024. “Trends tend to be cyclical, and red lipstick is a classic that we haven’t seen trending in a while,” he says. “It’s such a bold and sexy statement that is ready for a revamp. It’s beautiful during the colder holidays but also looks incredible with a tan. A reimagined retro throwback can be cyber-inspired It girl or classic Hollywood.”

AI-Inspired Flush

Our blush obsession isn't going anywhere in the new year. “The term ‘draping’ blush has become understood as a very wearable trend,” Anthony says of bold, temple-grazing blush. “I think we will see even more of it—including blushed across the bridge of the nose for a robotic e-girl effect.”

Blackberry Lips

Wednesday-core and goth glam will go even further in 2023, with Barose predicting “extra bold, extra dark, extra vampy” makeup. “Most dark lipstick turns red or plummy especially on dark skin,” he says. “By layering and lining lips with black eyeliner pencil to give it a black base coat, this will guaranteed the darkness you desire.” His favorite lip combination includes Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil in Black Treacle topped with Chanel Rouge Coco.

Eye See Red

Don't be afraid of red eye makeup. In fact, Barose says there are plenty of ways to play with the shade. “There are so many red tone liners available,” he says. “On Lily, I used Addiction Tokyo The Color Liquid Eyeliner in Vermillion Petal. It seems intimidating and red has a reputation for making your eyes look tired, but it’s not true. It’s all in the tones and the placements.” For a fresh take on the look, keep the color just on the upper lash line or add it on the wing for a fun, unexpected detail. “Avoid putting the color along lower lash lines or near under eyes,” he warns. “Be sure to add extra definition with black liner too.”

Undertone Eye Shadow

Bright eye shadow has become much more popular the past few years (Euphoria, anyone?) but Barose recommends earthier jewel tones for a sophisticated pop of color. “Dark eye shadow with fun undertones like navy, deep green, plum are a fun and wearable alternative from your regular black or brown shadow and liner,” says Barose. “The color undertone will make your eyes pop differently. I remember the first time I did Padma Lakshmi's makeup and she wanted to use deep navy liner because it pops against her dark lashes and eyes.”

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