The Future of Face Makeup: Color Trends 2023/2024

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The Future of Face Makeup: Color Trends 2023/2024

Despite the pandemic disrupting the growth of makeup products like foundations and lipsticks, the interest in these two product categories have grown exponentially in 2021, when the world has seen a return to pre-pandemic normalcy. Color cosmetics is expected to have a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% from 2021 to 2029, making this a $94.49 billion market by the year 2029. The Asia-Pacific region leads the pack with the largest market share, followed by North America, Western Europe, Latin America and Middle-East Africa.

In the last two years, consumers seek out makeup products that help them look effortless. With foundations that help them look like they have an even complexion, while imparting a healthy glow—basically makeup that helps them look as though they have good skin. What of the trends projected in the next two to five years or beyond? Today, we take a look at the trends that are influencing the trends of tomorrow and how brands can formulate products that capture the early adopters of these trends to gain market share and top-of-mind awareness for consumers.

Fashioning the future of makeup

Having dealt with the pandemic in the last two to three years, consumers are ready to let go of their old pandemic-led routines and jump into new trends. They also have the willingness to experiment with new multi-functional products, try out new brands or even test out new makeup looks which they would previously shy away from. This can mean a few things—firstly, consumers are ready to express their emotions with louder and more vivid colors. Secondly, consumers want diversity and inclusivity beyond shade ranges—this can mean using products that are developed with specific pain points in mind, for example, eyeshadows that are formulated to enhance hooded lids without smudging or transferring.

It’s also important for brands to build trust and credibility among their consumers so they remain their preferred brand when trying a new product. There is also a blur between the lines of digital and reality, with brands creating “dual-reality” makeup, where products like eyeshadows will appear one way in real life, and another when viewed under a camera flash.

Color trends of 2023 through 2024

With the dual prong of consumers wanting a do-over from the pandemic, as well as the emphasis on wanting to look like they have good skin, Sensient Beauty predicts that color trends in the next couple years will go loud with bright colors and loud tones, as well as a muted palette consisting of pastels and nudes.


Pastels can come in a variety of form — romantic, candy or even neutrals. Pastels give an air of calmness and playfulness with its relaxing tones that are easy on the eyes. A play on the finish, whether it’s iridescent, metallic or a high-shine glossy glow can give this trend a different mood and futuristic look.

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Dopamine Brights

Many have turned to chromatherapy, the use of color to improve our mental and physical states, whether consciously or unconsciously during the pandemic. This trend continues through to 2024 as people are more willing to try out bolder and vivid tones. Near neons and ultra brights get a refresh with amplified gloss—gels, shimmers and shiny metallics lend an otherworldly take on this color trend.

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Hi-Lo Glamour

The introduction of hybrid work arrangements have shown people the possibility of blurred lines when it comes to their makeup — whether it’s bringing glamour into day makeup, or introducing gender fluidity into the mix. Hi-Lo Glamour with metallic sheen and color-shifts lend dimension to makeup, with heavy influences from the colours green and blue, which have risen to being core colors in beauty for their versatility—at once vivid, calm, bright and relaxing.

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Elemental earth

Neutral tones take on a more down-to-earth feel with desert-inspired shades. Taking cues from mineral makeup, pigments allow consumers to build on intensity while maintaining the earthy tones.

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Heal & Nourish

Continuing on the note of using chromatherapy, warm-orange and peach tones infuses high-energy and optimism. Emanating with positivity, these uplifting tones help to heal and nourish the mind and promote mental well-being.

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Timeless Red

Mysterious, passionate, seductive, romantic—much can be interpreted about the color red but this perennial shade is timeless. Most women’s makeup arsenal would include a red lipstick that helps them feel confident, powerful and sexy. Whether it’s matte or glossy, pigments should be rich, saturated and vivid to make a statement.

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Formulating for the color trends of the future

At Sensient Beauty, there is a wide variety of pigments to choose from when it comes to formulating color makeup. Ariabel® pigments are favored for its wide variety of lakes and organic pigments that have a good batch-to-batch consistency. The pigments also maintain a high standards when it comes to its chemical purity and bacteriological purity, with both non-food and food grade pigments.

The Ariabel® lakes are high purity aluminum lakes that are compliant in the EU, USA and Asia. Ariabel® Organic pigments are also available, with restricted heavy metals content and a guarantee on bacteriological purity.

Coming in a variety of colors ranging from reds, oranges, blues, yellows and pinks, offering a wide variety of shades that brands can harness to create unique shades suitable for use in lipsticks, complexion makeup, nail varnish, eye makeup or hair color.

Food-grade lakes like the Ariabel® Flame Red ST354, and Ariabel® Red Carmine ST358 can be added to lipsticks to give excellent color payoff with little impact on viscosity.

Contact us our experts at Sensient Beauty who can help you formulate products for the consumers of tomorrow.