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Beauty Color Trends 2024

Experience "Youtopia"

Youtopia is the latest installment of the global trends program. Our global trends program is a curated collection of tomorrow’s most influential beauty movements translating new colors, textures, and trends into innovative cosmetic formulas that inspire.

Youtopia defines a state of mind, a state of growth, and a state of peace. Grounded in the natural elements of land and water, it encourages one to create their own utopia through personal growth, serenity, and self-expression. ​

​Color and beauty play a role in this journey as products are a means of creativity, exploration, and self-care. ​

​Dive into the world of Youtopia and the beauty trends of 2024. Explore two seasonal trends that showcase inspiring formulations, dynamic color and effects, and interesting textures.

Rooted - Spring/Summer 2024​

Inspired by the richness of the jungle, the luscious ecosystem thrives because the abundant variety of species that call it home. Biodiversity has a strong impact in nature, and diversity has a strong impact in society, breeding innovation and creativity for a prosperous future. ​

​Rooted, Spring/ Summer 2024, harnesses the power of diversity. Roots ground us in a solid foundation, allowing for expansive growth and contribution to our own ecosystem. Nourished by self-confidence, community connections, and uniqueness, we flourish into our higher selves, bringing joy, happiness, and fulfillment, helping to reach Youtopia.

Rooted Color Palette

The animated and energetic palette consists of vivid and bright tones found in nature, representing enthusiasm and adventure.​

The strong tones call for radical self-expression, and the effects emulate the adventurous spirit of the color palette by incorporating color travel and high chroma pearlescence.

Rooted Formulations 

Two Tone Eyeshadow – Green Energy CC-FR-18-009-H18

Upcycling Body Scrub – Transforming Aqua CC-FR-20-064-A13

Blurishing Stick – Charming Rose CC-FR-22-008-M06

Glitter Change Lipstick – Proud Pink CC-FR-22-006-M12

Distilled – Autumn/Winter 2024

Water is one of life’s necessities. Hydrating the body; restoring the mind; calming the spirit. A symbol of new beginnings, water has the power to move us into the next chapter of life, providing a fresh start and washing away the burden of the past. Water delivers a sensorial experience of cooling temperatures, soothing textures, and creating the feeling of weightlessness. Reflecting light, water puts on a visual performance that both stimulates and eases. ​

Distilled, Autumn/Winter 2024, emulates the essence of water with calming colors, soothing textures, and dynamic effects that bring an overall sense of serenity. The ability to relax and restore leads us closer to Youtopia, stripping away life’s burdens, even if only for a moment.

Distilled Color Palette

The Distilled palette is a set of luminous, neutral tones offering a subtle tint of color, that celebrate the beauty of water. They are calm, peaceful and grounding.​

The effects range from soft, shimmering to holographic effects, mimicking the beautiful appearance of sunlight reflected on water.

Distilled Formulations

Liquid Eyeshadow – Clean Mint CC-FR-22-070-B15

Refreshing Serum – Blushing Mist CC-FR-22-069-D03

Multifunctional Gloss – Iced Grey CC-FR-22-006-N14​

​Jelly Highlighter – Violet Dew CC-FR-18-053-B08